ClassBadge System is a working model assessment system for student learning. This system is based on the idea of badges being awarded for skills demonstrated, accomplishments achieved, and contributions made. This assessment system is teacher-student-parent-community driven. It attempts to incorporate the following principles:
    • No ceiling on achievements.
    • Graphic, pictorial representation of achievement ideal for display and sharing.
    • No ceiling on what can be measured.
    • Any person with a stake in the success of the learner can contribute assessments, including the learner themselves.
    • High degree of assessment relevance for learner.
    • Assessment system can be deployed in multiple environments/formats.
    • Graphic, badge/display focus lends itself to a development of learner culture with emphasis on emotion, beauty, desire, creativity, etc.
    • Assessment system fosters intrinsic motivation.
    • Assessment systems fosters greater degree of “buy-in” from learner.
    • Assessment does not expire or is limited by a specific time period.
    • Assessments can be tied to real-world experiences.

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